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Our “Wizards” create the magic so you:

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Tell Your Story

Communicate who you are, what you do, and how you help your ideal clients. As such, your website will act as a powerful “branding” tool so people know exactly what you’re all about.

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Connect With Your "Target" Audience

Engage new and existing “clients” on an on-going basis — building a loyal following of people who know, like, and trust you.

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Achieve Key Outcomes

Conduct effective programs and campaigns to reach your objectives — getting the results you want … and more!

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Your Home On the WorldWideWeb — New or Remodeled?


We Build From Scratch!

If you’re starting something new, consider us your partner.  We’re strategic —  not your standard, run-of-the-mill webmaster,  Our “Wizards” are seasoned with experience in all types of ventures — businesses (both existing and start-ups), non-profits, and personal initiatives.  We’ll join with you in visioning, strategic and tactical planning, and getting to the operational nuts-and-bolts.  We’re not “just” web-designers nor web-developers. We’ll support you in areas like marketing, competitive analysis, delivery of your product or service, and creating content that tells your story.


Also “Remodels” & “Fixer-Uppers”

Things change….Times change…..”Stuff” happens….Particularly with “technology” like websites. Whether you’re feeling like your website needs a “facelift” or some heavy-duty “reconstruction, don’t feel like the “Lone Ranger”. Instead, let our Wizardly Web Alchemists load a “Silver Bullet” and help you get back up-to-speed. Maybe all you need is an updated “Look and Feel”. No worry, we can rework the layout and colors to give it new pizzazz. Alternatively, we can engage in a major makeover from both the content and structure viewpoints….bringing new vitality to every aspect of your operation.

What Does “WWW” Mean? …. “Wizardly WordPress Websites”!

Wizardly Websites creates using two of the most popular websites tools
available in today’s on-line environment: WordPress with “Divi Theme“. Here’s why:


Since it’s inception in 2003 WordPress has become the most popular website tool. Currently about 1 in 4 websites are designed using it. And, momentum for it to achieve a 50% market share is well underway. Because of its ubiquity and ease of use, it is our technology of choice. To “read all about it” check this article out: “Just How Big Is WordPress Exactly?”

The Divi Theme

The “Divi Theme” by Elegant Themes is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used website design tools for WordPress websites. It features elements that are highly customizable and easy to use. This means that we can construct your website quickly because we don’t spend a lot of time on technical programming aspects. This also allows us to pay much more attention to content and strategy — which leads to a highly functional and effective website that is tailored to your specific strategic and operational initiatives!

The Divi Showcase

Don’t take our word for it — see what Divi looks like in action by taking a tour of the “The Divi Theme Showcase” (click here). A good way to have a look is to click on a “Category” (on the right side of the page) that is closely related to your field.  Then look around and get some ideas that you might like to see on your website.  The more you can tell us what you like, the more likely we can satisfy your website desires.

Here’s How Our Wizards Work Their Magic:

Our Wizards operate to well-defined intentions, ways, and standards. We believe that it’s important that our clients know what those are so that expectations are clear and there are no surprise!  It’s part of our “Magic”!

Results - Not Monkey Business!

With the Divi doing the “heavy lifting” of website design and development, our primary focus is on getting at results.  Our “bullseye” methodology is based on “READY” (developing an Appropriate Strategy), “AIM” (creating a Tactical Plan), and “FIRE” (getting to your website Launch ASAP).  Our prime concern is FUNCTIONALITY — developing a website that gets the job done for you, i.e. a website that truly works for you!

Don't Worry - Be Happy!

Our intention is to cultivate happy, satisfied customers.  The most commonly voiced complaints about webmasters that we’ve heard is that they often “disappear” (are hard to reach) and/or they don’t finish the website in a timely manner. By limiting the number of clients we serve, we stand behind our pledge to be available and to make every effort to meet scheduled commitments.  In return, we ask you to hold up your end of the bargain by providing necessary input and feedback on a timely basis.

Dreams Cleared For Take-Off

There are ultimately two criteria for your website:  (1) that you like it, and (2) that it gets the results you want.  Usually that means that we’re hugging each other beyond the initial launch of the website. Think of it this way: your website is the platform from which your dreams are cleared for takeoff. It’s one of your primary “grounding bases” — but it only leads to desired outcomes as you engage people to come to it and transact “business” with you there. That’s when your website it truly “Wizardly”!

Ways We Can Help You


How About a Customized, Affordable Website Ready to Launch in a Week?


Develop Enticing Ways to Creatively Connect to Your Ideal Clients!


Copy Writing

Clear & Concise, Crisp & Communicative – Let Us Put Your Ideas Into Words!


Creative Solutions for Vexing Issues – Connecting the Dots in New Ways!

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